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I'm thinking about making a final big (very) abridged page that shows what would have happened in JAE, for closure's sake...


jaa mata~


because hate is ugly

Aaaand updated.

jalepeno cheese bread

I am a bad person


whoop whoop updatin

rice crispies

you wanted to find out what happened? too bad, you get half-naked people instead



Also, I'll be uploading scandalous pictures over the next two days.

puddi puddi

Heyo, hope everyone had a nice holiday. Continuing to spread the christmas cheer here as you can see.

puddi puddi

Happy Festivus everyone!

for the rest of us

Alright, let's get these updates rollin!

jill sandwich

new arc! As if you expected something else!


sorry about that, Minecraft got me.


yeah sorry comic will be continuing next week


ha ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

I got the job! I now work as a CG artist for a studio that focuses on visuals for large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

get outta here

I want a burrito


Got a job interview on monday, wish me luck.

cheep cheep

mrghh tired


they flipped the bitch

I'm apparently off to SIGGRAPH for the week or something, so I gotta update the comic early this week.

don't get used to it :T


I've officially graduated and am done with school now. Feels good man.
Also yay Abraxas and Solina arc.



Sorry it took a while. I'm 23 now, yayyy.
New arc time.



This seems familiar =3=!


pizza rolls

New page! My last class of school ever is tomorrow. Hurrayyyyyyy. Some stuff up on the extras page.



New page! Sorry it was a day late. I'm currently trying to get a job at Lucasfilm Ltd. Singapore, so that's keeping me a bit busy. Wish me luck!


maple syrup


Howdy all. Welcome to the new site of JAE. I've been hosted on Comic Genesis for years, and they've been great, but I've increasingly been wanting to move to my own server for ages now. That and CG kind of broke my site, as you've probably noticed.
Another factor was that, due to my lack of html skills 5 years ago, all of my pages were restricted to one size which definitely bugged the crap out of me. With the option to write shorter or longer pages now, you can definitely expect a much, much better update rate. That and I'm graduating in a few weeks so I'll have a little more free time in between looking for work and eating ice cream out of the box. (cylinder?)
But anyway, here's the new site! I'll have the rest of the pages up as soon as I can. I plan to make everything look nice and pretty, so just sit tight.

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~ Kirb

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